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Paul Cook


I am a first year psychology student at the University of Amsterdam.


I was an early Internet adopter and have been programming since the age of nine.


I have founded a number of companies, operating in the UK and US.


I am a practicing Buddhist and member of the Triratna Buddhist community.

Marketing Techology Entrepreneur



RedEye technology provided the original proof that online advertising worked. We were the category innovator in online,segmented web analytics and behavioural email marketing. Published research that questioned the validity of analytics used to drive valuations in the dotcom era.


TagMan was the original Tag Management System. We helped companies manage their online data partner ecosystem. We won a few awards for innovation and growth and had offices in London and New York.

Psychology Student


UvA is one of the leading universities in Europe for studying psychology. First semester psychology subjects include general, cognitive, developmental psychology. In addition there are courses on research methods, inferential statistics and how to read and write scientific papers. 

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Meet the family...

My research subjects ;-)

Nelly Kloet // Wife, lover, mother

My wife is an experienced Marketing executive and Yoga Teacher.  As well as having a great figure, she is currently studying to become a maths teacher. Her personal website is www.nellykloetyoga.com.

Jasper Cook // Son, Animal Lover, Brother

Jasper is the youngest in our family. He agreed to come to the Netherlands if we got a dog so we are now a family of four. Jasper has recently participated in an in-house behavioural therapy experiment to stop sucking his thumb. Jasper has an optimistic outlook to life, his ambition is to be a dog.

Tom Cook // Son, Fortnite Addict, Brother

Tom is a simultaneous bilingual because Nelly spoke to him in Dutch for the first two years. This results in earlier development of the prefrontal cortex which is the brain area involved with switching, inhibition and planning. He has been planning his inheritance ever since.

Heh Pesto
Our latest holiday photos...

Whilst we were between houses we spent a couple of months in South-East Asia. We made a blog whilst we were there - 2 Anglo-Dutch Boys in Asia.

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