Hormones and Burnout

# How hormone moderate anxiety disorders

I've been writing articles for the University of Amsterdam psychology magazine, Spiegeloog. It's recently gone digital so you can go there to read my article about how hormone dysregulation is a risk factor for burn-out. I have had amazing feedback on this article from Psychiatrists and Clinical Psychologists I have spoken to and one of my professors said they have found an increased prevalence in burnout around the menopause.

I have a few other articles in the pipleline:

  • Gender differences effect of exercise on depression. More exercise is good for men but beyond moderate exercise, women get an extra boost from team sports. It provides more support for the benefits of Yoga.
  • Smartphones and driving. When it comes to distraction, talking is more distracting than listening, which raises the question as to whether talking to your Siri or Google whilst you are driving is a risk to road safety. The fact the handsfree is just as dangerous as handheld is also supported.
  • Behavioural therapy for thumb suckers. We successfully used operant conditioning to help our son stop sucking his thumb although it has since been redeployed to his gaming pad!


I'm not sure when I will get the time to turn these into posts so contact me if you have any burning questions.

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